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Online Home Business Is Broken… And Here’s How We Can Fix It Together!

Dear Friend,

This is the first blog post I’ve written on the Empower Network domain for a long time, after taking a 36 month break from the Home Business and Network Marketing industries online. The fact is, over the last 36 months I’ve watched the industry fall into destructive behaviors, and lose the heart that once built it. I just did a live video on my Facebook about this, and I wanted to share it with you and summarize it’s several points:

Home Business has always been an incredible way to help a person truly transform and reach the vision that they have for their life, dramatically changing their way of producing income, and teaching them the principles of leverage, sales, marketing, and leadership – the core essentials to build a more powerful and dynamic life, that is prosperous and blessed like we all want in the areas of money, time, and our social power.

However, it has fallen into the mousetrap of never ending income claims instead of legitimate sales and people building principles, and the leadership that once drove a dynamic, transformative change industry have traded in true prosperity for chasing the immediate dollar, slamming people into one deal after another, one product after another, one high ticket offer after another until their lists are burnt, their contacts have left, and they then have to find more people to burn through, constantly running around and striving just to maintain a fake, propped up fantasy life that is so fragile that you can blow on it with a little adversity, and the house of cards comes tumbling down into nothing.

Instead, I offer a new way of doing things in the video that instead builds long term relationships, placing the person and the customer experience above profits and through the mechanism of service, creating a lifestyle that can truly exponentially expand as your influence and fame reaches into the very depths of the water while you are standing on the beaches of the world staring off into the hot sunshine.

Look, if you truly want to get rich and stay rich online, then watch the video I posted above, and leave me your thoughts in the comments. More good things are coming and it’s time to work together to create world scale change, for we truly are a new breed of leadership.

David Wood
Dynamic Change Agent

P.S. It’s time that we worked together again to create something that is truly life changing, that helps people rewire from the inside out, that creates a new kind of business that changes everything both for us, and the people around us. If you are interested in being a part of a private mastermind group, hit me up on my personal Facebook and send me a private message and we’ll talk.