The Team Building Formula

$1,000.00 $497.00

The Team Building Formula will teach you how to create a business that produces residual income, time freedom, and complete independence, to where the businesses that you create will continue producing the results that you want, whether you work or not.


The Team Building Formula was recorded live in front of an audience of 1000+ people at a private mastermind where the trainer, David Wood broke down the scientific formula that has allowed him to create teams of more than 390,000 people in over 150+ countries and territories.

This information will save you time, energy, money and give you the tactical strategies that you need to build a team that expands far beyond the abilities that you would imagine, because you are a more powerful team builder than you have ever dreamed.  This course sold tens of thousands of copies at $1,000 (full price) and has been reduced to $497 to help you get started, and build the team that you’ve always wanted so you can do more of what you love, and free up your time in your life and business.


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