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I Knew You Wanted To Open My Emails Again.

Top Secret “FREE” Audio That Other People Had To Pay For When You Click Here Now…

Hey there my good old friend,

It’s been a long time since I’ve emailed you and just said “hello”. Really, I just wanted to test this out, and make sure that you got my email. Just for opening up, I wanted to share one of these good old audios with you that helped to change a lot of people’s lives. Consider it a “free bonus” just for being on my list, and opening this special email. There will be a lot of these special little freebies given away for all the people who are smart enough to open up, and click – just like you. Here’s your free audio:

In addition to the audio above being absolutely hilarious, what was the most intriguing part about that event, is that it was so funny, that the size of the event actually grew while I was there. People were laughing so hard, that they began inviting people, and then guests were inviting people, and nobody knew why they were there. They thought it was a comedy show.

The interesting thing about all of that is that the new guests who came to the event and showed up from nowhere simply pulled out their credit cards, and decided to join immediately (that day) without even knowing what it is. Have you ever been at something like that?

You know, where it is so good, that you just start calling people, and then they start calling people, and then they are texting and calling, and before you know it, everyone just started to take action together towards a common vision, for the greater good of all?

Well listen to this FREE audio, and be sure to tell your friends about it. Because something big is coming soon, that I’ll keep secret for now… Although, you are welcome to contact me and say hello.

Contact Dave Wood at +1(801)769-0177 (USA) to get in on the “early bird [even before the inner circle] special invite to the top secret project before anyone else gets in group

David Wood
“Batman Is Back.”

P.S. You can also add me on Skype at david.wood202 – and make sure that you’ve listened to the hilarious audio above first. Remember that this was a part of a paid product, and I might raise the price of this free blog post to $100 at any time you choose. Seriously, hit me up. I’ll leave my phone number up here until so many people are calling, that I have to have an assistant answer it instead. So if you see +1(801)769-0177, be sure to hit me up right away, and let me know why you want to be in the “Top Secret Before The Pre Launch Group

P.P.S. I wanted to share this top secret productivity tool I’ve been using for years called “Simpleology“. Before I ever launched Empower Network, this tool helped me clarify my vision and start producing the results that I wanted in a more focused way. You can get a free account here, and I’d encourage you to upgrade to the ELITE version.

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I’d like to be in on the group. I was there when you launched Empower and I know if you’ve been in the lab cooking up something new it’s going to be EPIC!

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